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Managing the Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Capt Holt Can!

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Meet the Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A dysfunctional police team, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine have some good detectives on their team, some ok detectives, and some that have simply been there too long to be fired. Enter Captain Holt, a newly promoted Captain who has always wanted a precinct of his own, but probably not one like this.

Unlike their previous captain, Captain Holt follows the rules (one of the first is insisting Det Peralta wear a tie) and tries to keep the Nine-Nine in line. Although it is slow going at first, with Det Peralta trying his hardest to follow the rules while simultaneously non-conforming to them, the new Captain and his team finally become exactly that: a team.

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What really stands out about Captain Holt is the adversity he had to overcome to be Captain. As one of the first openly gay detectives in NYC, Holt suffered discrimination and prejudice from his coworkers and employers. However, he maintained his belief in the system and actively worked to make it better, not allowing the discrimination to warp his sense of honor. To the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, however, he isn’t their gay captain, he’s their rule-abiding captain, bringing an added level of honest diversity to a show already over-flowing with characters from every part of NYC life.

By the end of season one, Captain Holt has taken the Brooklyn Nine-Nine from a dysfunctional police team to a functionally dysfunctional family. No small feat, considering where the Nine-Nine started.


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