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Managing that Research

This post originally appeared at Librarian in Progress as part of an assignment for class.


Alternate title: Evernote Ever-Useful

One of the handiest tools I’ve come across in my ever-constant struggle to continue being a “productive” person is Evernote.

Imagine I have a notebook. It’s filled so full you can’t get any more pages into it. It’s got research print-offs, bits of paper with to-do lists on them, sticky notes, and who knows what all else in it. It’s a mess.

Now imagine it was digital. That’s the beauty of Evernote. No need to print off a website or piece of research you found, use the Evernote Web Clipper to add it to your notebook! Have a to-do list you need to remember? Write a new note in Evernote, make a checklist out of it, and add a reminder!

I’ll give you a quick screenshot of one of my Evernote notebooks (screenshot taken of the Mac application).


Evernote Preview
This image was annotated in Evernote! (Click to view larger)

This notebook is from when I lived (and subsequently traveled) in China (for more info on that, you can visit my other blog!) As you can see, it’s pretty easy to organize things within Evernote. Although I don’t live in China anymore and might not go back, when a family friend mentioned they were going to visit Hong Kong, it was nice to know I still had my information about my Hong Kong trip handy to share with them!

Now, I primarily use it to keep track of readings, lectures, and research I’ve done for my assignments. I even have a few group project notebooks added to Evernote so my group members and I can collect information and see what everyone is working on, while using the handy Work Chat tool!

For a quick how-to I made about Evernote, you can check out this note I made in Evernote!

Happy researching!
<3 April

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