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Managing Your Blog

This post originally appeared at Librarian in Progress as part of an assignment for class.

Yeah, I know, kind of funny to post this on my blog but listen, I have a lot of things to keep track of and this is yet another to do! Plus, I like to increase the circle of people reading my posts by publishing them to Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Tumblr……..

So the easiest way is through WordPress’s Publicize feature. You add your account information for the pages you want it to publish the posts to and it (should) post them automatically! Unfortunately, sometimes these things don’t work nearly as well as I wish they would, so just keep an eye on them for if the information is outdated and it’s no longer connected.

Another way is to use a website like IFTTT, which has different “recipes” for if-then statements you can build from scratch. For example, I have one set up for “If: post to WordPress Then: post to LinkedIn”. They have a lot of different types from sending you headlines from NPR to changing your Android’s background to the NASA pic of the day!

You can, of course, manually add the post to each aspect of your social media life, but golly that seems a bit excessive, doesn’t it? After all, it’s hard enough keeping on top of the posts themselves let alone trying to publish them to different social media websites!

Happy Monday!

🎃 April

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