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Managing Bibliometrics

This post originally appeared at Librarian in Progress as part of an assignment for class.


Today I’m going to take a look at two LibGuides available from UCD: the Introduction to Bibliometrics and Medicine and Medical Science Guide.

Let’s look at the introduction first. I haven’t used this Guide before and I haven’t looked into Bibliometrics much, so hopefully this tool will be useful. At first glance, it seems to be pretty straightforward, built to explain bibliometrics to the new user and then allowing for expansion using the extra pages at the top. The number of pages available at the top was somewhat overwhelming at first, but each page allowed for expansion into deeper, more detailed topics within bibliometrics. If there is any problem with the information available, the contact details appear to be up-to-date, as the last time the guide was updated was 11 days ago! That’s really impressive in the netosphere. (I might be the only one to call the internet the netosphere, but it’s a good description!)

On to the medical one. At first, I thought this one would be a lot harder to navigate, but I think the author of it anticipated that reaction and added video and a Twitter widget, adding a level of interactivity to the page that the intro to bibliometrics was lacking. There aren’t as many pages in this website, so it is not as overwhelming at first glance. As someone who has never done research into medicine, the links available give me a good starting point, including a list of books and other resources. There isn’t a lot of jargon or medical terminology on the website, which makes it considerably easier to use.

Dr. McCoy recommends these resources!

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