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Managing Time

This post originally appeared at Librarian in Progress as part of an assignment for class.

Well, it’s that time in the semester for those of you who are reading this but not in my course. Yep, that time in which everything is due. I am exaggerating slightly in that not everything is due, but there is something due for every class in the next two weeks.

So, on that note, here’s one way I manage to keep track of these things.


This hangs on my wardrobe door. Each month is a different color (starting with September) and each module has its own color. The module’s color on this calendar is the same as it is in my planner, so I don’t really need the key anymore. That’s just in case I am very tired and have somehow forgotten.

When I start an assignment, I color in half the box with a black pen so I know how many assignments I have in-progress. When I finish the assignment, I fill in the rest of the box with black. When I submit the assignment, I write the date I submitted it in red next to the name of the assignment. Glancing at this calendar, I can see what’s in-progress and what’s finished. Writing the submission date is super handy because I tend to submit things earlier than they’re due and I don’t want there to be any mix-up about whether I submitted the assignment or not.

It’s very similar to the bullet journal idea of organization, but I like to have this hanging where I can frequently look at it to see if I’m on track, running behind, or what have you.

Just remember….

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