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Book Review: The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg

Series #: Fjällbacka, #1
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Original Publication Date:


Read: 17 Dec 2015 – 5 Jan 2016

Summary: The Ice Princess starts, as crime thrillers tend to, with a body. Enter former best friend, Erica Falck, who has returned to her small home town to figure out what to do with her parent’s house after their deaths. Although the victim, Alex, was found with her wrists slashes, Erica doesn’t think she committed suicide. As Erica tries to piece together what actually happened to Alex, she butts heads with detective Patrik Hestrom as they both try to figure out what happened to this beautiful girl in the quiet town.

Review: Although it started off a bit slowly, the twists and turns that led a small town in Sweden to experience a murder full of intrigue were masterfully handled. As each piece of the puzzle was discovered by different characters, independently from each other, kept me going through to the end, waiting for Patrik to pull all the pieces together into the truth. The multiple viewpoints from varying people intertwined in this small-town mystery keeps the reader in confusion because each person thinks they know what happened, but it is difficult to tell who is a reliable narrator and who isn’t.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of chilling thrillers that leave you somewhat baffled at how we got to this ending, I definitely recommend this book.

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Publisher: Pegasus
Edition Publication Date: 2010
Edition ISBN:

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