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Book Review: The Martian

THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

Genre: Science Fiction
Original Publication Date: 2011


Read: 06 – 07 Jan 2016

Summary: As one of the first people to walk on Mars, Mark Watney’s day probably could have gone a lot better. Instead, it ended with a dust storm, a near-death experience, and ending up stuck on Mars with everyone thinking he’s dead. It’ll take a MacGyver to survive this and get rescued, but Watney is a botanist and an engineer — and he has duct tape. As Watney struggles to figure out how to survive on a planet he was meant to leave, and making a few miscalculations along the way, he maintains his sense of humor and optimism in the face of infinite space.

Review: I absolutely adored this book. It was a fantastic start to reading in 2016, especially since I spent most of 2015 being enthusiastic about space science and the idea of missions to Mars. The science in it made perfect sense to me, although I’m not a scientist I AM the daughter of an engineer. If I could have held the book any closer to my face, I probably would have. The edition I was reading also had fantastic page layout, where suspense was actually enhanced by the page breaks in multiple cases.

Recommendation: If you like space science and clever-humor, definitely check out the Martian. If you like science fiction that makes sense within the constraints of our known universe, definitely check out the Martian!

More Info

Publisher: Crown
Edition Publication Date: 2014
Edition ISBN: 9780804139021

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