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Book Review: Saga, Vol. 2

SAGA, VOL. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Series #: Saga, Vol. 2
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Comic
Original Publication Date: 2013


Read: 4 Feb 2016

Summary: I’m pretty sure the best place for in-laws isn’t a spaceship that’s attempting to out-maneuver two different species of armies, bounty hunters, incensed ex-fiancés, and robots while keeping a baby safe from all of the above, but that’s sure what happens to Alana. Not to mention her mother-in-law sends away her ghost nanny, making her husband go off to find the ghost-girlie and return her to the ship, leaving Alana with her father-in-law and heavy emotional discussions. Well, listen, it’s all very complicated.

Review: The second volume in Saga was not a disappointment. Even with all the different perspectives of the groups attempting to capture Marko and Alana, as well as their perspectives, the story isn’t lost in the details or overwhelmed by different story lines. I, personally, really super hate TV-head, but I’m supposed to so that works out pretty well. I absolutely loved the diversity of characters, not just their designs but their personalities as well. The romance storyline is fantastic and even the looking-back-at-her-history point of view works really well with the stories told.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of well-developed characters and outstanding fantasy diversity, definitely check out Saga!

More Info

Publisher: Image Comics
Edition Publication Date: 2013
Edition ISBN: 9781607066927

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