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Book Review: The Night Gardener

THE NIGHT GARDENER by Jonathan Auxier

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Middle Grades, Thriller
Original Publication Date: 2014


Read: 01 – 04 Feb 2016

Summary: Orphaned on their trip from Ireland to England, Molly and Kip manage to convince the lady of Windsor House, the house everyone nearby fears and avoids, to hire them to work for her. Within a few nights, Molly notices something amiss that happens only at night: footsteps, winds and leaves, and a mysterious top hat. As Molly begins to puzzle through the mystery of the house, she finds something that can give her everything her heart truly desires, but will she realize the price of it before it’s too late?

Review: I had to keep setting the book down because I am already afraid of the dark! For once, I was grateful for the light right outside my bedroom window… The story had me on the edge of my seat with suspense and fear for Molly and Kip and, to a lesser extent, the family itself. The story was amazingly crafted and the horror element of it was well formulated and not over-the-top. I usually don’t like horror because fear is not a positive emotion that I actively seek, but it reminded me a lot of a book I read in middle school that both scared me and stuck with me (even if I cannot remember its name at this time). I really enjoyed the haunting nature of this story.

Recommendation: If you like psychological thrillers and non-gore, is-it-fantasy-is-it-not horror, I highly recommend this book.

More Info

Publisher: Amulet Books
Edition Publication Date: 2014
Edition ISBN: 9781613126608

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