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Book Review: Alex + Ada

ALEX + ADA by Jonathan Luna

Series #: Alex + Ada, Vol. 1-3
Genre: Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction
Original Publication Date: 2014


Read: 09 – 10 Feb 2016

Summary: Alex recently went through a bad breakup; so when his birthday comes around, his grandmother insists on getting him the best AI robot on the market. At first, Alex is ready to send her back to the company but he feels uncomfortable doing so to such a human-like robot. So he keeps her and calls her Ada. But something is missing in his interactions with Ada. She looks human, but she doesn’t have opinions or feelings. She is still a robot. So Alex does research and discovers that, in the wake of an AI-instigated massacre, things aren’t all they seem.

Review: The storyline was somewhat predictable, boy receives robot, boy feels uncomfortable with how much he likes robot but wishes she was a real person, boy finds a way to unlock more advanced AI, boy falls in love with robot, etc. The ending was somewhat less predictable, but when it happened it made sense. I found all of the side characters to be predictable and a bit boring in all honesty. Especially since they were all drawn so similarly to each other and rarely showed facial expressions.

Recommendation: If you liked AI stories, I recommend this book.

More Info

Publisher: Image Comics
Edition Publication Date: 2014
Edition ISBN: 9781632150066

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