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Book Review: A Caress of Twilight

A CARESS OF TWILIGHT by Laurell K. Hamilton

Series #: Merry Gentry, #2
Genre: Trashy Romance, Fantasy
Original Publication Date: 2002


Read: 12 Feb 2016

Review: More politics, drama, and sex in the second book of the Merry Gentry Series. The two books sort of blended together in my head, so forgive me for not providing a brief summary of this book at the beginning of the review. I wasn’t particularly fussed with the first one, but it was all right. The second one was more of the same trite storyline and characters. Since I had read the Anita Blake series when I was in high school and really enjoyed them, I was amazed at how blandly not-different Merry Gentry was. Take Anita Blake, put her in the fairy world, add unnecessarily complex politics and mind games, add some magic, and you’ve got yourself Merry Gentry. It took two books to cover a week and I would’ve been more impressed if it wasn’t just talk talk talk.

Recommendation: As much as I am a sucker for multiple-book series, I will not be reading more Merry Gentry after this book.

More Info

Publisher: Ballantine Books
Edition Publication Date: 2005
Edition ISBN: 9780345478160

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