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This project was made for a course in the University College Dublin Master’s in Library and Information Systems in collaboration with Robert Alfis, John Kiely, Dermot O’Leary, and Patrick Thompson.


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The Foreign Critical Reputation of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1980-2000: An Analysis and Annotated Bibliography by Linda C. Stanley
An Evaluation by April Mittelstaedt


( – The Foreign Critical Reputation of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1980-2000, n.d.)

This particular bibliography is the second volume of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s foreign critical reputation and is meant to expand and add to volume one’s bibliographic content by including literature from 1980-2000 and from countries not covered in the first volume. The bibliography aims to highlight the translations of Fitzgerald’s work from countries such as “the former countries of the USSR, Romania, India, and Canada, as well as countries that were covered in the first volume, such as Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Japan.” (, n.d.)

Quality of Content
Since this is an annotated bibliography with the author’s annotations alongside the collection, it is made more accessible and useable by researchers looking into Fitzgerald. The resources are categorized by their relevance to each other, making it easy for researchers to find information about the reception and reputation of Fitzgerald and his work outside of the United States.

Authority of Publisher
Praeger Publishers Inc is an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, a publisher that “has published award-winning print and digital resources focusing on curriculum, reference, and professional development for teachers and librarians” (ABC-CLIO Greenwood, 2015) since 1955.

Accuracy of Content
Since this is volume two, it is expanding the accuracy of volume one by including information that was not previously available at the time of volume one’s publication. In the preface, Stanley even points out that Japan was included in the original volume, but the material was only available through about 1969 (Stanley, 2004, p.x).

Volume two is a little out of date now, because it was published in 2004, but it does bring the resources closer to the present by expanding on the resources past 1980.

Ease of Use
The layout of the book makes it very easy to use because it is set up to be uniform throughout the entire book. Once you are accustomed to the format, which is very easy to understand, it would be simple for a researcher to use this as a point-of-reference. The background information on the resources found start of each country’s section and then the bibliography of references is broken down into the different kinds of resources she used in the annotations. If a user is looking for a specific printing of This Side of Paradise that was published in England, they would simply need to go to the British section of the book and then to the “Editions” heading to see how many volumes and reprints of This Side of Paradise there are (Stanley, 2004, p.8).

Arrangement of Material
The material follows a logical pattern, sectioned off by the different countries Stanley is discussing in her book and then within that designation by translations/editions, books, essays/chapters/notes/conference papers, book reviews/news articles/radio programs, dissertations, and teacher/student guides and editions (Stanley, 2004, Table of Contents).

Appropriateness to Audience
This would be a very useful tool for researchers looking into Fitzgerald’s works and are looking for the reception across the world. For example, if I was writing an essay about The Great Gatsby and needed to include its reception and publication history from multiple countries, or even a specific country, this would be a good place to start.

This is a hardcover book that has a very simple cover and no dust jacket. Since the publisher has undergone some changes in its name and who is the highest owner of the publisher, there is more than one edition currently available, but the one available on Amazon is the cheapest.

Although this book is currently out of print, it is only 9GBP on as of 22 November 2015.


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