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The Stein Salon Library – Reflection

This project was made for a course in the University College Dublin Master’s in Library and Information Systems in collaboration with Robert Alfis, John Kiely, Dermot O’Leary, and Patrick Thompson.

The Stein Salon Library - img Banner 07 Reflections


Building the Stein Salon Library’s collection over the course of the semester was a very useful project for me as I look ahead at what I would like to do after graduation. Since I have some experience working in a museum’s education outreach program, I wanted experience with building a collection to add to my experiences that are useful in a museum setting. Through this project, I learned more about developing policies and procedures, especially how difficult it is to build policies and procedures. I used the opportunity to look into the policies and procedures of the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is where I would most like to work as a Librarian. We also benefited from using the Folgers Shakespeare Library as our inspiration because we could peruse their collection policies and those from the V&A to build our collection policies.

As my education professors used to say, “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you can adapt it to what you’re making.” Instead of trying to create everything from scratch, we used information available through other organizations and the textbook for the Reference and Information Services course. Although I found creating the policies and procedures to be the hardest part of building the collection, it was also the most educational. Especially since I am part of a capstone project where the work we did for this project will be useful. It was one of the hardest projects I had to do this semester, but that makes me feel even more proud of how much we’ve done for it.

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