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Book Review: Circle of Magic

CIRCLE OF MAGIC by Tamora Pierce

Series #: Circle of Magic, #1-4
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Original Publication Date: 1997


Summary: Coming from four completely different tragedies and backgrounds should have made these four children ill-suited to live together. But after realizing they have magic, and maybe a bit more in common than they thought, these four foster siblings will learn what it is to have a family unconditionally and what it is to be so young and have such powerful magic. To survive an earthquake, a pirate attack, forest fires, and a plague, these four young mages will tie themselves together to make each other stronger, but what will be the consequences of such togetherness in four individuals?

Review: I first read these books when I was in middle school (think 9 or 10) and ever since then, Tamora Pierce has been one of my favorite authors. One of the big draws for me is no unnecessary romances, in fact, no romances at all! Only hints of romance until the characters are considerably older which, as someone looking back, is very refreshing. I know, they’re only ten, but you’d be surprised at the amount of romance that finds itself in books about kids. Re-reading these books again was like going back home, but in my story-heart.

Recommendation: I highly recommend these books for young and old readers alike, particularly if you like realistic magic that’s interspersed with ordinary life.

More Info

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Edition Publication Date: 2011

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