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Book Review: Absurd Pomp

ABSURD POMP by Eric Gladstone

Series #: No Holds Bard #1
Genre: Graphic Novels, Comics, Mystery
Original Publication Date: 2016


Read: 03 Mar 2016

Summary: A Kickstarter comic about Shakespeare fighting crime – 80s style! – Absurd Pomp is, well, a bit absurd. The queen is missing and it’s up to Shakespeare and his young page to don their masks and figure out just whodunit. From the beginning, Shakespeare has his suspicions, but he must gather enough evidence to prove who the culprit is! With different artists for each chapter, Absurd Pomp is a rollicking adventure that reads at a fast pace, a bit like an 80s montage!

Review: As one of the Kickstarter backers, I was obviously pretty excited about this comic. Unlike my other backings, this wasn’t something I had already read and was excited to get a print form, but I was just as excited nonetheless! Although the changes in art style could be a bit jarring, it’s pretty easy to get used to, especially because this is a single issue and thus a bit short.

Recommendation: I definitely recommend this to people who are fans of 1980s media, Shakespeare, and iambic pentameter. Which, honestly, should be just about everyone.

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Publisher: Kickstarter

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