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Book Review: Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant


Series #: Delilah Dirk, #1
Genre: Comics, Adventure
Original Publication Date: 2011


Read: 20 Mar 2016

Summary: Delilah Dirk has gotten herself into a little bit of trouble. Ok, a lot of trouble, she’s been arrested. Selim has been sent to question her on behalf of the Sultan, but he’s not sure he can believe the tales this young woman tells! Unfortunately, his method of questioning was very polite so when Delilah inevitably escapes (just as she told Selim she would), he ends up branded a traitor for helping her. I mean, she waved hi to him specifically! Selim’s not quite cut out for adventuring, though. One way or another, Delilah and Selim manage to get in and out of trouble. Heart-felt and adventurous, both Delilah and Selim are delightful characters.

Review: I was disappointed in how short this was! It was little tough reading the eBook I borrowed from the library on my small tablet, but it was totally worth it! I enjoyed their story, even if it was super short. Delilah at times came off as “good at everything” and Selim “good at not a lot”, which was an interesting change up! The damsel in distress is usually Selim. I do wish I could go on adventures like Delilah, though, she seems like she’s having so much fun; although, I have to admit I would probably be more like Selim than Delilah while adventuring.

Recommendation: If you like romps through adventure headed by outrageously interesting women, I highly recommend this comic!

More Info

Publisher: First Second
Edition Publication Date: 2013
Edition ISBN: 9781596438132

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