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Book Review: The Circle Opens Quartet


Series #: The Circle Opens, #1-4
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult


MAGIC STEPS (#1) 28 Mar 2016
STREET MAGIC (#2) 03 Apr 2016
SHATTERGLASS (#4) 11 Apr 2016
COLD FIRE (#3) 20 Apr 2016

Summary: After surviving the disasters in the Circle of Magic quartet, the four mages split up and head to new places to continue their studies. Sandry stays in Emelan, helping her uncle, Briar and Rosethorn head to Chamur; Daja and Frostpine journey to Namorn, and Tris and Niko travel to Tharios. Now fully recognized mages, the four have to deal with the repercussions of their certification when they each find someone who has magic – and then have to become the teacher.

Review: It was hard to have the four mages separated because I always liked how well they worked together, but I still love this world and the characters. Now that I’m a lot older than the first time I read the books, it’s funnier to me that they have to become teachers. As a teacher myself, I also understand their feeling of “Oh shit, this is MY responsibility now?!” Fifteen years after I first read these books (I accidentally read Shatterglass as the very first book without realizing there was an entire other SERIES and three other books before it!!) and they’re still very high on my list of favorites.

Recommendation: I highly recommend these books for young and old readers alike, particularly if you like realistic magic that’s interspersed with ordinary life.

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Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Edition Publication Date: 2011

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