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Book Review: Uprooted

UPROOTED by Naomi Novik

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Folk-Style
Original Publication Date: 2015


Read: 10 Apr 2016

Summary: Every ten years, the Dragon comes down from his tower and chooses a girl to come live with him for the next ten years. (No, not like that. Although, the towns do think that way.) When she returns, she leaves her home town for the security of a place far from the dangerous, corrupted Wood. Agnieszka grew up knowing the Dragon would choose her best friend, Kasia, as his companion when the time came, but for whatever reason, he chose clumsy, disaster-prone Agnieszka. As the Wood struggles to gain the upper hand in its constant battle to take take take, Agnieszka struggles to reconcile why she was chosen with what she thought she knew of the dragon, of her home, and of herself.

Review: At first, I was worried Uprooted would end up being a fantasy novel that fell into all the tropey traps that fantasy novels tend to, but I was pleasantly surprised. It did fall into a few of the genre pitfalls, but not in a jarring way that would ruin the story. Overall, the story flowed very well from one event to the next and the characters felt as real as any characters could. When Agnieszka felt tired, so did I. The characters played well with each other, even when they didn’t exactly play nicely together. Novik clearly knew these characters inside and out and knew exactly what they would do in the situations, not a single choice made by them felt out of place or wrong. Now, my question is:
When do I get a sequel??

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of Tamora Pierce and Sarah J. Maas, I highly recommend this book!
If you’re a fan of Fantasy, I highly recommend this book!
Read this book!
Read it!

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Publisher: Del Rey
Edition ISBN: 9780804179034

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