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Book Review: Last One Home

LAST ONE HOME by Debbie Macomber

Series #: New Beginnings, #1
Genre: Fiction, Not-Trashy Romance
Original Publication Date: 2015


Read: 04 May 2016

Summary: After running away from home in high school to marry the wrong man, Cassie has returned to Seattle, Washington to start her life anew with her daughter. Unfortunately, Cassie’s sisters aren’t easy to get past Cassie’s betrayal at running away and the subsequent fissures in their family as their parents dealt with her decisions. Cassie gets a letter from her sister she hopes will help the three sisters get back on the road to forgiveness and the closeness they once shared. Of course, there’s the handsome man helping Cassie build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Review: This story is nothing if not predictable. Although I found Cassie to be sort of boring and she never tells her sisters why she ran away. As someone who is very close with her sibling, it’s hard for me to imagine going through such a hardship and not telling my sibling about it, even if it is years later when all is said and done. The “friction” between Cassie and her man is obvious and contrite, making it difficult for me to empathize with them as characters. Along with that, it seems like there isn’t a character who doesn’t have a tragic backstory, which obviously happens with some frequency in real life, but in a fiction story it doesn’t work so great.

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Publisher: Ballantine Books
Edition ISBN: 9780553391886

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