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Book Review: Giant Days, Vol. 1&2

GIANT DAYS by John Allison

Series #: Giant Days, Vol. 1&2
Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Comics, Graphic Novels
Original Publication Date: 2015


Read: 17 May & 29 May 2016

Summary: Goth, Tomboy, and Sunshine don’t seem like the kind of girls that would be best friends in college, and yet they each complement each other’s personalities perfectly. With different approaches to life, love, and school, these three girls are into almost constant shenanigans, helped along by Goth’s disaster-creating abilities. Giant Days is a fantastic portrayal of college life: love and woes from it; first-year flu; the reality of being able to escape your hometown, but never quite completely; and the true friendship bonded by shared experiences and different perspectives.

Review: Within the first volume of Giant Days, I was absolutely hooked. The characters are hilarious and well formed to play off each other in witty jokes and snappy dialogue. The artist’s style is perfect for the story, bright and fun. A lot like the first year of college. As the three girls navigate the murky waters of romance in college, there’s never a moment that seemed out of place from your first year in school. It’s very refreshing to read a fun story that happens in the first year of college without being focused on romance or a wildly inaccurate representation of college life.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to everyone; hands down it is fantastic!

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Publisher: BOOM! Box

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