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Book Review: Young Avengers, Vol. 2

YOUNG AVENGERS: ALTERNATIVE CULTURE by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (Illustrator), Mike Norton (Illustrator)

Series #: Young Avengers, Vol. 2
Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Adventure
Original Publication Date: 2014


Read: 07 Jul 2016

Summary: As a result of Young Avengers, Vol. 1: Style > Substance’s interdimensional parasite, Mother, the ragtag team of teens has to keep away from their parents. But something weird has happened to Billy’s twin, Tommy, and now the group is dimension-hopping (thanks to America Chavez’s dimensional skill) to chase down whoever it is wearing the Patriot outfit. (Hint: it’s not Patriot) After some dimensional twists and turns, the group ends up no closer to finding out who’s in the outfit, why he took Tommy, or how to get rid of mother, but the reader is closer to knowing exactly what is going on here!

Review: I still love them. One of my main issues with comics about teens is that they tend to fall prey to the Hollywood standard of 20-somethings as teenagers. That’s the way media does them. Young Avengers, however, does not do that, it’s great. They are mature, but they’re not 20-somethings pretending to be teens (and thus mature-looking and immature-seeming). There is at least one part (ok more) that broke my heart (ok shattered it) and I am procrastinating finishing up the story with volume 3 because I just want these characters to keep going! They are so well-written and multi-faceted, the characterization is fantastic.

Recommendation: If you love superheroes and honestly well-written characters, Young Avengers!!!

More Info

Publisher: Marvel
Edition ISBN: 9780785167099

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