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Book Review: Henry VI, Part One

HENRY VI, PART ONE by William Shakespeare

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, History, Play
Original Publication Date: 1590


Read: 11 May 2014 – 16 Jul 2016

Summary: Although Henry VI, Part Two was the first to be performed, I started with Part One so I would have the background information necessary to read Part Two and Part Three. Henry VI, Part One starts the story of King Henry VI and continues the War of the Roses. A tale of betrayal and politics, this history covers the dramatic lives of those involved in Henry VI’s reign.

Review: This is the first Shakespearian history I’ve read, having ready plenty of tragedies, comedies, and tragicomedies. At first, I found it to be pretty boring, but the Arkangel audiobook version definitely helped me finish the story. I ended up finishing the play on my way to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s home. It was the perfect reading material for my trip and I enjoyed the audiobook and the historical information, even if I know it’s fictionalized. I’ve never really enjoyed history until it was framed as stories of people instead of dates and events.

Recommendation: I recommend listening to the audiobook while reading this play, as plays are meant to be seen and heard, not read. (Older plays are especially meant to be heard more than seen, since you went to them to BE seen.)

More Info

Publisher: Arkangel Audiobooks
Edition Publication Date: 2005
Edition ISBN: 9781932219128

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