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Book Review: Understand Irish History


Genre: Nonfiction, History, Ireland
Original Publication Date: 2010


Read: 16 Jun – 25 Aug 2016

Summary: A clear, concise, yet still detailed overview of Irish history from ancient Ireland to a few year’s before the book’s publication. This book covers everything that might help when moving to, or visiting if you’re a history-oriented person, Ireland. Unfortunately, the history does not cover the past few years, as it was published in 2010.

Review: I first picked this book up in 2013 because I had just come back from studying abroad in Ireland and wanted to know more about the country that was my home for a few years. Unfortunately, I’m not much for reading history texts, so I set it down for a few years since I had moved to China, but when I went back to Ireland for my Master’s in 2015, I picked it back up. It was especially helpful because I was living with Irish housemates (one of whom did history) and missed a lot of the historical callbacks they would joke about. I especially liked the summary pages at the end of each section; it made for handy reference when flipping back to remind myself of what I had previously read.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this book if you want a survey of Irish history that doesn’t spend a lot of time wandering around the topics.

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Publisher: Teach Yourself
Edition ISBN: 9781444105230

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