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Book Review: Why Not Me?

WHY NOT ME? by Al Franken

Genre: Fiction, Satire
Original Publication Date: 1999


Read: 27 – 31 Aug 2016

Summary: Al Franken is running for president. Now, he might not be your first choice, in fact he might not have been on your list of “possibles” at all. Through a lot of flukes and a lot of blustering, Al Franken… wins. What then follows is a complete dismantling of his campaign and capability
in just 100 days of office.

Review: While bemoaning the state of the 2016 election with my Irish housemate, he said he had a satire to lend me that’s very relevant this year. At first, I had no idea why this book was funny because I had no idea who Al Franken was. After a quick Wikipedia read-up, I found the book to be a lot funnier. Jokes need context and, at first, I had no context. After that, I found the book to be a lot funnier. Normally, I don’t read non-fiction, but apparently this was the year to broaden my horizons.

Recommendation: If you want to have a laugh about an election (looking at you 2016), check this book out.

More Info

Publisher: Penguin Books UK
Edition Publication Date: 2004
Edition ISBN: 9780141018423

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