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Book Review: The Fade Out

THE FADE OUT by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweister

Series #: The Fade Out, Vol. 1-2
Genre: Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels, Mystery
Original Publication Date: 2015


Read: 09 Sep 2016

Summary: Charlie Parish was drunk, blacked out, and woke up near a dead woman. The resulting confusion, paranoia, and investigation are what make a great detective noir story, set on the backdrop of 1940s Hollywood. A splash of communism red-listing and PTSD, The Fade Out covers a wide range of stories and turns, following Charlie Parish and his friend Gil as they try to figure out what happened that fateful night.

Review: Honestly, now that it’s been a month and a half since I read these two volumes, I didn’t really remember what they were about. Even looking back at the summary on Goodreads, I still couldn’t tell the difference between it and Black Dahlia. There are some differences, of course, but the basic storyline is the same. White woman dies, two white men tear their lives apart trying to figure it out. This is the basic plotline of most noir crime novels, so it’s understandable. I really enjoyed the setting, although now that I realize it was only 3 volumes total, I wish I had gotten the rest of the issues from my friend before I left.

Recommendation: I recommend this series if you really like crime noir or Ed Brubaker’s work.

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Publisher: Image Comics

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