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Book Review: The Game and the Governess


Series #: Winner Takes All, #1
Genre: Fiction, Trashy Romance, History
Original Publication Date: 2014


Read: 08 – 09 Sep 2016

Summary: Friendship forged in battle and made bitter in business might be completely broken in a bet gone too far. John Turner and his best friend, Ned Ashby, have differing outlooks on how a man’s station affects his endeavors with women. So they make a bet, against the warnings of their friend, Dr. Rhys Gray. Ned, an Earl, and John, his secretary, switch places on a trip to one of Ned’s properties where the newly-stationed secretary must woo a woman, and properly. Unfortunately, they don’t bet on meeting a stern Governess, who puts a wrench in what is already a bet gone too far.

Review: I was interested in this book because it’s a combination of things I absolutely love: over-confident men getting themselves into Situations, confident women growing into their True Potentials, and well-researched era-appropriate characters. For added appeal, Kate Noble wrote for Lizzie Bennett Diaries and writes for The Librarians, two of my favorite shows, so I was hooked before I even began and I was not disappointed. In fact, I requested another of Kate Noble’s books before I even finished this one. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next in both this and the other series.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to romance lovers, especially those who like period romances.

More Info

Publisher: Pocket Books
Edition ISBN: 9781476749419

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