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Book Review: Revealed

REVEALED by Kate Noble

Series #: The Blue Raven, #1
Genre: Fiction, Trashy Romance, History, Mystery, Adventure
Original Publication Date: 2005


Read: 10 – 11 Sep 2016

Summary: Phillippa Benning has done everything she can to make sure she is the belle of everyone’s ball during the Season, so what happens when she goes off for a tryst and overhears a conversation detailing concerns of a secret plot. Luckily for the Blue Raven, Phillippa is a much better investigative partner than the man he hoped would help. Together, the two of them are on their own during the Season, trying to find out who wants to cause harm to the upper echelon of society while still maintaining their own public image in the process.

Review: After reading The Game and the Governess, I wanted to read another Kate Noble book but the second in the Winner Takes All series wasn’t available in my eLibrary. I’m even more convinced that Kate Noble is an amazing author and she’s easily become my favorite romance author, replacing old favorites whose stories have gotten over-used and under-researched. I look forward to reading more of her books and have requested Compromised from the local library!

Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to romance lovers, especially those who like period romances.

More Info

Publisher: Berkley Books
Edition ISBN: 9781101023648

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