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Book Review: Jade Street Protection Services, #1 & #2


Series #: Jade Street Protection Services, #1&2
Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Young Adult
Original Publication Date: 2016


Read: 26 Sep 2016 & 29 Nov 2016

Summary: Five magical girls get detention at their elite private school and sneak away for kabobs and froyo. What they don’t realize is they’re going to get a lot more than that when they witness an utter betrayal from a surprising source. These girls will have to use their magic and their wits to figure out what exactly is going on and what they’re going to do about it.

Review: I absolutely love this series. I borrowed #1 from my friend and then bought it later because I want my own. The main narrator is non-verbal, every character is diverse and unique, and there are some LGBTQ+ undertones without it being “QUEER HERE.” I love the story, the characters, the art, it’s amazing. I can’t wait for the rest, although I wish the series would be longer.

Recommendation: Read this. 10/10 YES GURLS.

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Publisher: Black Mask Studios

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