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Book Review: Kim & Kim #1

KIM & KIM #1 by Magdalene Visaggio, Eva Cabrera (Illustrator), Claudia Aguirre (Illustrator)

Series #: Kim & Kim, #1
Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure, LGBTQ+, Comics, Graphic Novels
Original Publication Date: 2016


Read: 26 Sep 2016

Summary: Kim & Kim work together as “interdimesional cowboy law enforcement”, but when they take a job and get in over their heads, they have to deal with the consequences. Action-packed, snarky, and bright, Kim & Kim is a great story to read when you just need a good fck you story. A fast-paced, beautifully drawn action-adventure, space-travel story, Kim & Kim also has LGBTQ+ stories, without making the struggle of LGBTQ+ the only facet of the adventure.

Review: The official description ends with: “Kim & Kim is a bright, happy, punk rock sci-fi adventure that is queer as shit.” and to me, that’s a resounding endorsement. I loved the way it wasn’t about the queer identities, but rather about the girls’ adventures with a very large splash of queer. It wasn’t pandering or “this comic is LGBTQ+ focused”, it normalized LGBTQ+ within the adventure story very well.

Recommendation: If you like bad*ss ladies, sci-fi adventure, and bright 80s pop, definitely check this book out!

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Publisher: Black Mask Studios

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