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Book Review: The Hunt #1

THE HUNT #1 by Colin Lorimer, Joana Lafuente

Series #: The Hunt, #1
Genre: Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Horror
Original Publication Date: 2016


Read: 26 Sep 2016

Summary: Orla Roche is haunted by creatures, but she’s been told they’re just dreams”. Unfortunately, the dreams have started to be more realistic as time has passed and now he has to decide how to handle the revelations these creatures bring. Irish mythology comes to life in THE HUNT, how will Orla handle it?

Review: This was one of the last things I read while I was living in Ireland and it was very good, but I felt like I was missing the background information on the creatures. They weren’t familiar to me because I’m not Irish and didn’t grow up learning about them. I’m also not very big on horror, so I’ll probably not read the rest of them, but I did enjoy it all the same.

Recommendation: If you like mythology brought into the modern world and horror, this is a great book for you.

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Publisher: Image Comics

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