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Book Review: Cloud Atlas

CLOUD ATLAS by David Mitchell

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction
Original Publication Date: 2004


Read: 10 – 27 Sep 2016

Summary: Six people in separate time periods, mediums, and lives find each other through the ages. Whether it’s half a published journal or half a video, they get drawn together through storytelling. A tale of human bravery, fear, and love, Cloud Atlas takes six people whose lives would normally never intertwine and brings them together with multiple frame stories.

Review: The first time I read this book, it was terrible. But then I read an article about how the US version and the UK version were vastly different, due to the UK version benefiting from extra editing. Since my original qualm was the editing, I borrowed the UK version from a friend before I left Ireland and found a much better book. I’m not sure if it’s how much I’ve changed since I first read the book or if the differences in the text are really that vast, but I loved the UK text. One thing that I loved more than the movie was the frame narrative. Each narrator finds the first half of their story predecessor’s tale and, as we move through the story, they tell their half before the next narrator starts their tale. The interweaving of the stories is so well done.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of David Mitchell, I especially enjoyed this book more after reading The Bone Clocks.

More Info

Publisher: Sceptre
Edition Publication Date: 2014
Edition ISBN: 9780340822784

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