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Book Review: Compromised


Genre: Fiction, History, Trashy Romance
Original Publication Date: 2008


Read: 29 Nov 2016

Summary: Gail Alton is used to moving around the continent and traveling the world with her family, but when her father remarries and decides it’s time to move back to London so Gail and her sister, Evangeline, can have a proper season, Gail finds she has a lot more than a step-mother to get accustomed to. One of the first things she has to get accustomed to is a “too-handsome-by-far” gentleman who rides her and her mare into the lake, and then ends up in a compromising position with her sister. Now she has to deal with him being around and courting her sister. Unfortunately for both of them, the sparks seem to fly more readily between the mismatched pair than the gentleman and his betrothed. Will both sisters be able to reconcile the sparks they have for the wrong man and their duty to do the right thing in society?

Review: I’m going to start this by saying, worry not, Evangeline isn’t left out to dry and isn’t a wicked sister. In fact, it was very refreshing to read about the two women supporting each other, very reminiscent of the relationship between Elizabeth and Jane in Pride and Prejudice. Gail and Evangeline are beautiful young women who meet beautiful young men, but they happen to fall in love with the “wrong” one. I loved the way the conflict centered around the girls struggling against society instead of struggling against each other and, in the end, even the step-mother turns out to be not-so-wicked after all. I absolutely love Kate Noble’s writing and can’t wait to pick up another of her books!

Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to romance lovers, especially those who like period romances.

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Publisher: Berkley
Edition ISBN: 9780425219645

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