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Book Review: Snow Crash

SNOW CRASH by Neal Stephenson

Genre: Fiction, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery
Original Publication Date: 1992


Read: 30 Nov – 27 Dec 2016

Summary: One part digital, one part real world, with changing view points, Snow Crash is a fantastic foray into the future of technology, or at least the way Neal Stephenson sees it. When a deadly virus attacks Hiro Protagonist’s friend in the Metaverse that seems to also affect him in reality, Hiro finds himself in the midst of an adventure. Through a series of circumstances, he ends up teaming up with Y.T., a 15-year old Courier who also finds herself in the middle of an adventure, although hers ends up taking different turns than Hiro’s. As they race to find the source of the virus and its corresponding drug, Hiro and Y.T. learn a lot more about the universe and even linguistics and religion as they go.

Review: Once again, I’m very impressed with Neal Stephenson’s work, and even more convinced that my friend L.S. is a librimatical genius. It took me a while to get through the book since it’s so dense, but it’s a good density! I wanted to have a few days to reflect on the book before I started reading again, plus Christmas was there in the middle and I had gifts to make. I really enjoyed the book, even if I thought Y.T. fell victim to what I call “Actual 15-Year Old Riri Williams” where 15-year old girls don’t look or act like actual teenagers, but rather like simpler adult women. I still liked her, but imagined her to be more 18 or 19 than 15.

Recommendation: I recommend this if you like cyberpunk and other non-dystopia science fiction.

More Info

Publisher: Bantam Books
Edition ISBN: 9780553088533

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