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Book Review: A Study in Scarlet Women


Series #: Lady Sherlock, #1
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Mystery, History, Adventure
Original Publication Date: 2016


Read: 28 Dec 2016 – 04 Jan 2017

Summary: Charlotte Holmes is tired of the constraints of a female in society; it’s a waste of her mind and her life. So she ruins her reputation to get out from under her family and society and live as a free woman. Unfortunately, Charlotte learns it’s hard to live as a woman cast from society, luckily she has her consulting detective alter ego to fall back on: “Sherlock Holmes”. Already consulting with the police as Sherlock, Charlotte sends a letter to Inspector Lestrade containing a suggestion that can’t be taken back and launching an inspection that can’t be stopped. As Charlotte finds her way as an independent woman, she must also find a way as the consulting detective.

Review: At first, it started a little slowly, but that’s true of the original Sherlock books and stories. I loved the way the hardships of being an overly clever woman in the era are depicted as being vastly different than those of being an overly clever man. After all, Charlotte finds it’s easier to be taken seriously by society as the genius detective Sherlock than the genius society-woman Charlotte. The characters were great adaptations of their originals, but I especially liked the changes that were made. Thomas made a few changes to every character without losing sight of their inspiration. So far, there’s no information about the sequel, but I’m looking forward to it.

Recommendation: If you like unruly women in a realist Victorian era and mysteries and intrigue, I highly recommend this book. I first read about it in an NPR article, which I also recommend.

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Publisher: Berkley
Edition ISBN: 9780425281406

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