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Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


Genre: Nonfiction, Lifestyle
Original Publication Date: 2010


Read: 15 – 21 Jan 2017

Summary: A worldwide sensation, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up details the KonMari method that Marie Kondo developed to teach her clients how to live clutter-free. She explains the reasoning and history behind the tidying best practices that she has use to make herself and her clients successful in junk-free lives.

Review: I first became aware of the KonMari method when NPR did a livestream of Kondo teaching how to properly fold socks. Since I have tons of socks, it was the perfect introduction. Now, as I’m cleaning out my childhood bedroom in preparation of being an adult, I wanted some tips and tricks on how best to cut back on Things. After all, I’ll need to move out of my parent’s house eventually. The method detailed made perfect sense and helped me get rid of childhood trinkets that have been collecting dust in my closet since I went away to college – the first time. Hopefully, my mom will read this book and we can clean out the rest of the house together!

Recommendation: If you want to re-evaluate the things in your life that have accumulated and live a neater, tidier life, I highly recommend this book.

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Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Edition Publication Date: 2013

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