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Book Review: The Bad Beginning & The Reptile Room


Series #: A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1&2
Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Middle Grades, Mystery
Original Publication Date: 1999


Read: 22 – 25 Jan & 2-22 Feb 2017

Summary: The three Baudelaire children are enjoying their day at the beach when they’re brought terrible news: their parents have died in a tragic fire that consumed their house. With that the first in a series of unfortunate events, the Baudelaire orphans find themselves under the care of the dreadful and terrifying Count Olaf. They soon realize, it’s not just his personality that’s dreadful: his schemes are, too. As he makes plan after plan to wrest the Baudelaire fortune from the orphans before the oldest, Violet, comes of age, the siblings must deal with changing guardians and Olaf’s schemes and disguises.

Review: I first read these books when I was in middle school, so when I heard there was a new Netflix series coming out, I decided it was time to reread them. I also reread them in high school when the last book and the movie were coming out, but I mainly remember the first ones. I still like the way Snicket narrates to his audience, explaining things to young readers without talking down to them. I look forward to getting to the ones I don’t remember as well as the first ones.

Recommendation: I recommend these books to people who like junior novels that don’t follow the standard narrative tropes. And, of course, to middle schoolers.

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Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

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