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Book Review: The Lie and the Lady


Series #: Winner Takes All, #2
Genre: Fiction, Trashy Romance, Historical
Original Publication Date: 2015


Read: 22 Feb 2017

Summary: In The Game and the Governess, John Turner made a bet with his friend, Lord Edward Granville, that the lord would have a harder time with women as John Turner, who subsequently would have an easier time as Lord Granville. When the Lord fell in love with a governess and the game was up, Turner had also fallen in love with Countess Letitia, who is publicly humiliated for falling for a man of lower stature. She travels the continent, looking for a fresh start and thinks she’s found it in Sir Barty, but when he takes her home as his fiancé, John Turner is there. Life continues to throw the two of them together and Leticia must decide if she wants to keep her standing or go for love.

Review: Even though it’s been a while since I read the first book, I still really enjoyed this one. I sort of wish I’d been able to re-read the first one before starting the second, but I still remembered the characters. I spent a lot of the book predicting what was going to happen, but I still loved it. There are always distinct patterns in romance novels, but I am always willing to re-read my favorite books and especially willing to re-read my favorite tropes.

Recommendation: I highly recommend Kate Noble if you like historic romance and want to give something new a chance.

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Publisher: Pocket Books

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