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Book Review: The Dare and the Doctor


Series #: Winner Takes All, #3
Genre: Fiction, Trashy Romance, Historical
Original Publication Date: 2016


Read: 28 Feb 2017

Summary: The conclusion to the Winner Takes All series, The Dare and the Doctor doesn’t disappoint. Dr. Rhys Gray and Ms. Margaret Babcock are friends and scientific correspondences. When Margaret gets the chance to present the flowers she’s been working on to the top scientific minds in London, Rhys does everything he can to help her brave the stodgy old men. Sparks begin to fly between the two, but when a chance meeting throws everything out of balance, how will Rhys solve a problem created by his absent father? How will Margaret handle these new feelings?

Review: A very satisfactory ending to the trilogy. I genuinely wasn’t expecting some of the twists that happened in the story, so it was refreshing, as Kate Noble often is. Somehow, her books always feel like the perfect summer beachside romance novels. Just the right balance of romance and …ahem… other, with well-written characters and believable, but still slightly over-the-top and adventurous stories. This one in particular, with Margaret trying to get recognition as a woman in science, impressed me with Noble’s depth of research.

Recommendation: I highly recommend Noble if you like well-researched historic romance and want something refreshing.

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Publisher: Pocket Books
Edition ISBN: 9781476749402

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